About Us

Alex Zabaski is the foremost insurance telesales agency owner in the business. Since graduating from Arizona State in an astonishing three years, Alex has always excelled in his sales career.

Breaking sales records throughout his career, Alex brings a unique approach to sales. This comes from his experience with two Fortune 500 companies: Vanguard and AIG.

Vanguard is a investment advisor powerhouse with $7 trillion in global assets under management. Alex brought in over $300 Million in new assets his first year alone; all with telesales.

At AIG, Alex was consistently one of the top performing telesales agent, writing over $100K in insurance premiums monthly for over $1 million in premiums every year. Alex was constantly one of the highest earning agents at AIG.

Alex decided to take everything he had learned from his two previous companies and start his own agency. As an independent with his own agency, Alex continued to write $1 million in insurance premiums every year while sharing his secrets with his agents.

Every day, Alex contributes to the Encore agents at a high level. This means making sure all agents are trained the correct way. He is very hands-on and passionate about training agents, and has a commitment to seeing each agent achieve success.

Alex is also a sought after insurance telesales and virtual sales consultant. He has worked with companies and IMO’s such as Levinson & Associates, Ethos, Policy Genius, Family First Life, Digital Agents United, Quility, and several Fortune 100 companies.

Every day at Encore, Alex is bring new approaches and systems to the agency so our agents and agency owners continue to master insurance sales staying at the forefront of the industry.