Frequently Asked Questions

What carriers do you provide contracts with?

We offer contacts with 64 different carriers whether you’re writing final expense, mortgage protection, term, IUL, or whole life insurance. A few of the carriers we focus our training on are AIG, American Amicable, Ameritas, Fidelity & Guaranty, Mutual of Omaha, and National Life Group.

Do Encore Agents do I have to only do Telesales?

No. If you want to take advantage of encores extremely profitable system and training applying it to your final expense face-to-face sales business we allow you to do so.

Do Encore agents own their own business?
Yes. All agents are 1099 agents. All agents own their book of business, residuals and are vested from day one.
Are Encore agents allowed to build downlines?
Yes. Our profitable structure allows for downlines and overrides. Our Business Developed training help you to start receiving passive income.
Do I have to buy my own leads?

Not necessarily. We offer a free lead training program. You can also purchase live transfers leads, social media leads, and direct mail leads from our reputable lead vendors that we have built solid relationships with.

How many states do I need to be licensed with to be an Encore agent?

Just one state. However, our most successful agents are licensed in multiple states.

Would I be a captive agent at Encore?
No. None of our agents are captive. We quickly provide releases if it is deemed not a good fit for either party.