Quality leads are the lifeblood of all successful Encore agents.

Encore Producers Group has a diverse menu of multi-parameter, high quality leads to help our agents succeed at the highest level.


Unlimited Quality Leads

Leads have to be as effective as your skills as an agent. Leads are the lifeblood, they keep our agents successful and their cash flow consistent.

Free Leads Program

Encore offers a free leads program for new agents just starting out or agents that are on a limited budget. Free leads are used for our training and are a way for agents to build confidence before purchasing the more desirable inbound live transfer leads. All free  leads are FCC/TCPA compliant and are profitable for agents. 

Exclusive Telesales Live Transfers

Our live transfers are exclusive, generated internally, and the client is medically qualified, ensuring the highest quality leads to maximize profits. Our live transfers generated $40 Million in placed premium last year alone.

Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) Compliance

When Encore Agents are working any lead in our platform, you have no exposure to TCPA lawsuits. That includes Do Not Call (DNC) violations. All leads are all TCPA compliant.

HIPAA Compliance

We use Amazon Web Service (AWS) utility-based cloud services to process, maintain and store protected health information. AWS’ risk management program has higher security standards than the HIPAA Security Rule. In other words, we’re HIPAA compliant.

With all agents on the platform being HIPAA compliant, it’s unlocked several competitive products to be available to sell over the phone that were typically only allowed to be sold face to face or in controlled call center environments. Giving agents access to competitive products and/or much more relaxed signature options.